How to create project in SSIS

Introduction: To create a project in SSIS, we have to use Business Intelligence Development Studio of Sql Server 2005/2008. 

First Step: – Go on Start button > Click Sql Server 2008 > Click Sql Server Business Intelligence Development Studio.  

Second Step :- Once the Business intelligence development studio open go on 

File > New > Project  

Third Step : – Select Integration Services Project and Give the name of the project Click Ok  

This below window will open :- 

  • Toolbox on right hand side,  
  • Control Flow Items, Maintenance Plan Tasks, Data Flow Source, Data Flow Transformation and Data Flow Destination 
  •  Project/Package will appear Design format in Centre in that there are 4 different tabs   
  •  Control Flow :- These tools are used Control Flow Items, Maintenance Plan Tasks from Toolbox 
  • Data Flow :-  These tools are used  Data Flow Source, Data Flow Transformation and Data Flow Destination from Toolbox 
  • Event Handlers  
  • Package Explorer  
  • Solution Explorer on Right hand side. 
  • Here you will find your Datasource views, your packages from here you can add multiple packages by right click on SSIS Packages > New SSIS Package. 

Go on Chapter 2 how to create backup and send a mail by using SSIS? 

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